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The Eventay way

How it works

Exhibition, sales event or staff party, at Eventay we have the global reach to make your event a success. Our range of services take the hassle out of event planning and execution. With bespoke solutions for every client, Eventay makes it easy….


The first step towards your perfect event. We want to discover exactly what you need. Our team will discuss every requirement and seek out every detail. Knowledge is key!


We’ll do the legwork, hunting for the ideal venue to match your needs. We’ll seek out the best loca-tions and sniff out the very best deals as only we know how.

The Proposal

We’ll send your our detailed proposal, with all the options and information for all of our suggested venues. Rates, images, ratings, it's all there for you to make an informed decision.


Your decision

We will meet with you and discuss the proposal, looking at all our venue choices, the pros and cons, and individual merits. We’ll help you to make an informed decision and settle on the right venue for you.


The choice is made. We’ll work with your venue to tailor all contracts and booking arrangements, and we will proceed with putting all the other pieces of the puzzle in place, such as transport and accommodation.



Yes! From arranging venue visits to managing transportation for your team, all of our venue finding services are a free-of-cost benefit for our clients.


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